You will find in this guide all the useful information for your stay.
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This building with its vast arched windows allowed us to create, facing south, a large living room bathed in sunlight... In summer, when the sun is high, directly above the building, it does not enter directly . In winter, when the sun is low, it brings its direct light to the room... a pleasure to live in our Orangery designed according to the rules of the art of Renaissance limonaia.

You can contact us on site, by phone, by whatsapp, and by email.

  • 0254374655 / 0603815137 /
  • WhatsApp: 0699658510
  • You can adjust the temperature of the accommodation using the thermostat located to the right of the WC door on the ground floor.
  • The first position of the thermostat is for daytime house heating. The second concerns the night house. The third concerns the minimum temperature from which the boiler starts. Above all, do not modify the third position.
  • Please be careful not to overheat the house. Beyond the cost that this represents, we ask you to consider the environmental impact.
  • All our accommodations are equipped with smoke detectors that are regularly tested and maintained.
  • You will find a first aid kit in each bathroom and a fire extinguisher under the stairs.
  • All the user manuals for household appliances and digital equipment are in the cupboard.
  • This completely non-smoking cottage has an equipped kitchen island and a large reception room opening onto a private fenced garden.
  • A small living room has a fireplace and is equipped with a television, a DVD player and a stereo, free Internet.
  • Upstairs two double bedrooms with private bathroom. Bedding is provided for 4 adults.
  • Please note that the towels you will find in your accommodation are bath towels and should not be used for swimming pools. If necessary, we lend pool towels on request.
  • The gite has a private and hidden garden at the back of the house. Surrounded by walls, they will guarantee your privacy outdoors.
  • This is the place where you can have your meals outside and have barbecues.
  • To connect to the Internet, select the Saint Victor La Grand Maison network and follow the steps by filling in the form. Your session is renewed every 24 hours
  • The shared swimming pool is accessible 70m away.
  • We offer several services: Breakfast basket, basket of regional products, late arrival basket, picnic basket, pool towel loan, firewood refill, travel cot, high chair…
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to know more.
  • Nearest emergency: 5 Rue Pierre Milon, 36300 Le Blanc – 02 54 28 28 28
    Nearest hospital: Poitiers University Hospital – 2 Rue de la Milétrie, 86000 Poitiers – 05 49 44 44 44
    Closest police station: 48 Rue de la République 36300 Le Blanc – 02 54 28 35 00
    Firefighters: Call 18
    Police – Emergency: Call 15
    European emergency number: Call 112
    SAMU: Call 15

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