We are proud to be listed in the top 20 of the most beatufiul chateaux in France by The Telegraph UK  !

From fall to spring we played with space, colours and materials

It’s been almost a year since we started renovating.  The challenge when dealing with old properties is to preserve the old charm whilst adding a touch of contemporary character and comfort. It took special care and attention and we are ready to share the novelties with you.  Time had put a layer of passé on some areas and we had the irresistible urge to freshen up the spirit of the houses. We turned the old workshop and the stable into 2 new ground floor studios. We renovated and extended the bathrooms in almost all the houses thriving to respect the material and general aesthetic of the building structure.  We improved the signage and accessibility of the houses


Because we strongly believe that we are accountable for helping improve accessibility for all we have invested into upgrading the quality across all services offered.
Signage from the parking area to the houses has been made clearer for people with disabilities. A large stoned surface has been created outside in front of each ground floor studios: L’Atelier & L’Étable which are in the process of being labelled “Tourisme Handicap “

Creation of L’Ecurie

We kept the feel and look of the old stable. The wooden stall dividers have become partitions, the stone troughs elegantly sit as bathroom and kitchen sinks and the brick laid on edge floor migrated to become facing bricks for the wall of this newly created studio. The studio opens courtyard side and the kitchenette and bathroom with a walk-in shower onto the bedroom.
Cosy hideout cocoon for 2 in soft beige and ocre hues. Click here to read more 

Creation of l’Atelier

The building called La Miellerie had different parts: raw logs were stored on the 1st floor, and the ground floor is where all apiary management activities took place from bee hive construction to extraction and placing honey in pots. L’Atelier kept its name and was turned into a ground floor 40 m2 studio. We used transparency between back to front windows and harmony in beige hues as a living concept …The kitchen opens on to the sitting room courtyard side and the walk-in shower onto the bedroom river side Click here to read more

New bathrooms: The more the merrier

Bathrooms have become as important as bedrooms. Our washrooms needed to be upgraded. Time does not allow the bathroom for all concept any more and guests want to be able to jump from their bed into their own private bath. We led a solid “en suite makeover strategy «whilst using our golden rule of integrating elements of the old times into the newly created rooms…old gilt wood elements for the emotional touch and ultra-modern resin, chrome and tiles. Bathrooms with a theatrical touch as part of the experience.

 La Miellerie Côté Jardin has three bathrooms, la Petite Maison  two and  l’Orangerie two.

See you soon